Find out how your average customer lifetime value, user and sales growth, customer retention, and more compare to those of your competition.

Average number of orders per customer

Average order value per customer

Average ratio of lifetime value to customer acquisition cost

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See How You Measure Up to Your Competition in the Beauty Industry

Access these insights, a breakdown of key segments of the retailer’s customer base, and more to see where you stand.

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In this consumer intelligence report, discover how a leading beauty retailer performs in terms of:

The beauty industry is growing fast, especially in the eCommerce sector. Beauty brands looking to stay ahead of their competition need to focus on data-driven digital marketing strategies to reach customers where they often like to shop—online.

The right strategy relies on data about your customers in order to focus your advertising and promotional budgets on the right people who will not only make a purchase from your brand, but also convert to loyal customers who ultimately bring more revenue and engagement over time.

So, which data are most important for assessing how well your company is capturing its share of the eCommerce beauty market?

The average number of orders per customer and the average order value per customer are key to understanding the loyalty of your clients, but also how much they’re likely to spend with you over their lifetime as customers, or customer lifetime value. Then, once you know your average customer lifetime value, compare it to the average cost to acquire a new customer to get the lifetime value to customer acquisition cost ratio. Finally, look at how much of your revenue your top 20% of customers are bringing in, and you’ll see just how important it is to try to attract more new customers like them.